about Flyte.

we're Flyte.

okay.. thanks for the info. is that it?

no, that's not it unfortunately.

what we sell.

if you can read, you already know that we sell keycaps. what kind of keycaps? well, what kind of keycaps do you want? we sell:

  • artisan keycaps
  • metal keycaps
  • gaming keycaps
  • resin keycaps
  • xda keycaps
  • pokemon keycaps

and a whole lot more of the best keycaps that we're just too lazy to include on this list.

artisan keycaps

the best keycaps for whatever you do on your keyboard. we've got themed caps for any taste.

anime, superheroes, gaming, whatever.

full keycap sets

also the best full keycap sets, the perfect way to bring a new life to your mechanical keyboard.

pbt, abs, gaming, anime, or just random goodness!

well, we sell online exclusively. okay, where do we sell from?

we've got a little abode in Memphis, TN. funnily enough, this is where FedEx has their global HQ. why? because it's the best place to ship packages in the USA. that's not why we're here though.

while we pack our keycaps, we watch the local news here. we think that if all these crazy Memphis things can happen, Flyte's success might also happen. so far, we're doing ok! thank you everyone.